The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a qualification equivalent to half an A level usually studied by sixth form students over one year. The choice of study area is entirely free but should be related to the students’ course of study, future career or personal interest. All of our pupils will take the EPQ and will have a supervisor with whom they will meet each week. the EPQ develops students’ skills in research, presentation, public speaking, writing, communication and independent study making its value far greater than the half-an-A level it is worth.

Head of ES6 Mr Wilson says of the EPQ: “EPQ is a fantastic qualification. Not only does it give pupils the opportunity to explore in detail an area of study that is of interest to them, they also learn and develop vital skills in research and independent learning that are of huge benefit when they begin university.

“EPQ questions are literally limitless and in recent years I have supervised excellent projects on copyright law, slam poetry and on the design of a voice recognition Smart Phone app.

“The universities agree with me as several have begun to include EPQ grades as part of their offers and even to lower their A level offers based on EPQ outcomes.”

In taking the EPQ alongside their A levels, our students will learn vital skills that will support them with their studies both now and at university.