I feel very privileged to be the Principal of Eaton Square Schools where we are able to offer continuous education in our children from the moment they join us in our Nursery Schools until the end of their journey in Sixth Form.

Tradition meets innovation every day here through a combination of excellent, motivational staff and access to some of London’s greatest institutions. The ‘old fashioned’ values of good manners, team spirit, self-discipline, concern for the welfare and rights of others, as well as an understanding of the importance of responsibilities, are ideals which are close to my own heart.

These values are timeless, and our pupils leave with confidence not arrogance, with kindness and humility not selfishness and brashness, with courtesy not rudeness, and with passion for learning and a belief that anything is possible.

Within our Schools we have always prided ourselves on allowing each child to flourish. We firmly believe that every single child has the ability to succeed and it is our job to furnish the children with the tools they need to do so. As one walks around our buildings one encounters happy, engaged, good-natured and inquisitive pupils. They are constantly unearthing new ways in which to learn and develop.

The concept of the school community is immensely important to me and the school should be seen as an extension of the family. Our Eaton Square family reflects within it the rich, culturally diverse nature of London and as an education for life there can be no better foundation.

Sebastian Hepher

Principal of Eaton Square Schools