Pastoral care is the cornerstone of an Eaton Square Senior School education. Supporting and guiding pupils to enable them to develop inherent resilience to tackle the challenges of adolescence, with confidence and positivity at the core of what we do.

Each pupil has a Tutor who they see morning and afternoon. The role of the Tutor is to act as a champion to each of their tutees, as well as following their progress closely. They guide, support, encourage and recognise effort and achievement, celebrating success wherever possible. The Tutor is the first point of contact for both the pupil and their parents, and they monitor both the academic and co-curricular life of the pupil, supporting them to grow individually, and as part of our school community.

Heads of Year & Form Periods

Each Year Group is split into a number of forms, which meet promptly with their Tutors at 8.30am, every morning. This is an important time for all pupils to discuss their progress at the School. Heads of Year are responsible for overseeing each Year Group, and working with Tutors to ensure the best support is provided to each individual.

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic) Education

PHSE is a weekly timetabled lesson for all pupils in Years 7-10. Lessons are aimed to inspire self-knowledge and promote healthy development in all aspects of pupil wellbeing.

Pupil Leadership

We believe that school provides the perfect platform to develop important skills for life. Each week, pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 participate in a weekly leadership development lesson. We follow a programme called ‘Compass for Life’ developed by Floyd Woodrow, former SAS Major and leadership coach. The aim of the programme is to encourage pupils to have a better understanding of who they are as people, what their strengths are and how to better understand others too.

Each week our pupils consider their personal aspirations and their pathway to achieving these, in addition to considering their responsibilities to the wider world. Once a pupil has an idea of the direction they want to go, we can provide tailored support to help them achieve their goals. This helps to provide them with motivation to achieve their best each day.

We also have a Year 11 Pupil Leadership Team, who support the School on a day-to-day basis.

Pupil Voice

Our pupils are pioneers. They are helping to shape the foundations upon which future years will be based. This is a rare opportunity and one which our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed. From developing a new house system to considering pupil leadership structures within the school, our pupils have had brilliant ideas which they have seen transformed into reality. Each Term, form representatives and whole school council members meet to discuss strategic themes.