At Eaton Square Senior School, we strive for not only excellence in our athletes, but also participation and versatility. As a small yet ever growing school, we have the enviable opportunity to nourish and enhance the athletic development of each individual.

Within girls’ sport, we cover both Netball and Hockey as our core sports throughout the Michaelmas and Lent term.

Our extensive physical education programme, including two full games afternoons and one PE lesson a week, allows our girls to benefit from professional coaching so that they can work on skills, game play, strategies and sportsmanship within Netball, no matter what their existing level of play.

We believe in building upon these existing foundations of each individual and guiding them to achieve their best.

Within our first full academic year of Netball, the girls demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm towards learning and squads swiftly began to take shape with inspiring determination to improve, and prepare for competitions such as Regionals and IAPS in the coming years.