Hockey at Eaton Square Senior School has been part of the core sports programme since 2018, and pupils have a games afternoon dedicated to this sport once a week during the spring term.

During their Hockey games afternoon, a fixture or training session will take place at our sports complex, or we will travel to an away fixture. Our U13’s train every Wednesday, with our U15’s training on Thursdays. We have a well-rounded fixture calendar across 6 weeks, where we participate in Boys, Girls and mixed fixtures.

During our training sessions, we work on pupil’s individual skills and techniques, and also team tactics needed in order to perform to a competitive level. Pupils this year have experienced coaching from an international hockey player on a regular basis, and this has allowed individuals to work on specific skills with a professional.

Our fixtures calendar delivers exciting and competitive hockey games against schools such as Westminster, Dulwich, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill.

Although we play to a competitive level, our ethos is always on pupil participation, and we make Hockey a sport for all. To encourage all pupils to get involved in Hockey, we have put development fixtures/tournaments in the calendar against Francis Holland (Regents & Sloane Square) and Newton Prep, which allows for pupils with less experience to feature in a fixture environment. Along with the regular season fixtures, there are opportunities to tour abroad. Last year, our hockey team travelled to South Africa on a Hockey/Football tour during their Easter break.

We have fantastic Hockey facilities within our sports complex in Acton, which features a fully floodlit, sand dressed Astro Turf Pitch. We have a wide selection of high quality Hockey equipment, and we will ensure that all pupils have all the kit they need before the spring term in order to get playing straight away.