We are proudly supporting two charities this year: Chiltern Music Therapy and East Africa Children’s Project.

Chiltern Music Therapy

Chiltern is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation that provides music therapy services to people of all ages and many different needs.

Formed in July 2011 as a direct need for Music Therapy provision within the southern counties, Chiltern Music Therapy now provide Brain Injury and Neonatal care assessments and services across the UK. They are dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based Music Therapy services based on a thorough understanding of psychodynamic, medical, behavioural and person centred approaches.

The team contains a wealth of knowledge and experience in highly specialist areas covering the complete lifecycle from Acute Neonatal through to end of life care. Children and adult services extend from one-to-one care in homes or in-patient settings, through to community groups and schools ensuring that they can provide the best possible provision in the right setting for each individual client.

The highly specialised team have trained extensively all over the world gaining qualifications and experience at the highest levels. Within their Brain Injury service, they have 10, of only 27, Neurologic Music Therapists in the UK and 4 of only 50 Music Therapists in the world trained in MATADOC (Music Therapy Assessment Tool in Awareness for Disorders of Consciousness).

Find out more about this incredible charity at: www.chilternmusictherapy.co.uk

East Africa Children’s Project

“We are a drop in the ocean, but every drop helps”

East Africa Children’s Project is a small registered charity which supports local projects that target the needs of disadvantaged children in East Africa.

Education is at the heart of what EACP is about. They help equip local schools with books, laptops, bedding and school uniforms to help with their education. Sustainability is also key. EACP help people help themselves wherever possible, implementing projects that are both beneficial and sustainable. By cultivating a sense of ownership as well as promoting accountability and responsibility, their projects stimulate further local development.

This academic year, Eaton Square Mayfair has raised money to fund solar lights to replace deadly Kerosene lamps and help create biogas cooking facilities.

In addition to this, EACP has raised money for the building of sanitation facilities and rain harvesting systems.

Our pupils have been incredibly lucky to take an active role in creating their own music in Chiltern Music Therapy led assemblies. A group of Chiltern Music Therapy staff played as part of our Christmas concert.

Find out more about this charity at: www.eacpcharity.com