At Eaton Square Senior School, we believe in educating the whole person, enabling pupils to become confident all-rounders.

Central to our co-curricular programme are our school values of;

  • Integrity
  • Ownership
  • Service
  • Perseverance
  • Empathy

The wide variety of co-curricular activities help to enrich our pupils’ learning and provide fun, adventure and inspiration all year round. Pupils enjoy an exceptional variety of cultural, physical, and charitable activities. These are at the core of a vast co-curricular programme that provides exciting opportunities for our pupils to develop and grow outside of the classroom.

There are four dedicated co-curricular sessions within the timetabled week, with over 35 different activities and societies throughout the school week, ranging in nature from Mindfulness club, Politics and Current Affairs society and the Maths Challenge, through the Community Outreach programme, to Drama performance and Lawn Games in Green Park. We not only encourage our pupils to develop their existing talents and interests but also to try new things and get involved with as much as they can.

Enthusiastic participation in these activities enriches the whole educational experience at Eaton Square Senior School.

There are many different components under the ‘co-curricular’ umbrella including the House system, Activities and Societies, co-curricular academic support, charity and philanthropy, educational visits, the Duke of Edinburgh award, co-curricular sport, music and drama productions, all of which are integral aspects of pupil life at Eaton Square Senior School.

The energy and variety in our co-curriculum programme are such that we hope every pupil can find something to inspire them. In fact, if there is interest in an activity not currently available, we will do everything in our power to make it available. In this way, many of the clubs and societies have been initiated by the pupils themselves.

Music, sport and drama all play an integral part in our pupils’ lives, both within the curriculum and beyond. Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award has become available this academic year along with a greater investment in charitable fundraising and other ways of serving the community.

Our guiding principle is that every pupil should find themselves and be who they want to be. The ever- changing and expanding list of clubs and societies within the school is proof of the success of that policy.