Year 7 and 8


Within Year 7 and 8, there are two study pathways. The majority of our pupils enter into Year 7 and intend on remaining at Eaton Square Mayfair for the duration of their school age education. We also support a handful of pupils through the Common Entrance process for entry into a small number of top independent schools at 13+. Irrespective of which route a pupil chooses, we deliver a rich and broad curriculum which aims to prepare our pupils for tomorrow’s world.



Our curriculum has three main strands; our core subjects, developing the whole self and embracing creativity, technology and performance. Pupils are placed in teachable sets for English, maths and science. They are in mixed classes for the rest of their classes. Pupils choose one language in Year 7 and 8 (Spanish or French) in addition to studying Latin. ‘Genius’ is an independent learning programme which draws on all areas of the curriculum, bringing together cross-curricular skills to encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning through unique topic areas such as neuroscience, philosophy and learning to learn. We strongly believe that our pupils need to develop their leadership skills and therefore they have one timetabled leadership lesson per week covering Floyd Woodrow’s Compass for Life programme.

All pupils have one PE lesson on-site each week and two games afternoons at our sports grounds in Acton. More information on sport and co-curricular activities can be found here.


Homework is set each evening to reinforce learning and prepare pupils for their following lesson. Year 7 and 8 pupils are set around 40-60 minutes of homework each evening according to our homework timetable. There are always optional extension tasks for those pupils who wish to challenge themselves further. Pupils should also read on a regular basis and we encourage 30 minutes of reading per evening.

Homework is set on our school system, Schoolbase. We also run a supervised homework club which is free of charge to attend from 4.30 – 5.00pm each day. This provides a calm and supportive environment where pupils can complete their work before going home for the evening.