At Eaton Square Mayfair, we are passionate about ensuring that each pupil achieves his or her potential; academically, socially and emotionally. Our Learning Support team works alongside our teaching staff to encourages pupil to develop a wide range of skills to increase their ability to become independent learners.

We aim to identify pupils with needs additional to and different from those which can be accommodated within academic lessons. This may be from:

  • Referral reports from parents or outside agencies, submitted at the time of application to the school
  • Pupil medical record
  • Teacher or Parent cause for concern
  • Subject Keystone Assessments
  • Individual Assessments by SENCO
  • Educational Psychologist Report

It is important that parents provide as much information as possible during the application process to ensure a smooth transition of schools for each pupil. We offer both in-class support and individual 1-2-1 lessons with our SENCO. Where recommended, pupil laptop use will be supported and extra time given. We also run morning laptop and organisation drop in sessions and lunchtime group support sessions.

For each pupil requiring support, an individual pupil passport will be created and updated on a regular basis through discussion with the pupil, parents and his or her teachers.  This will include information about teaching strategies and what the pupil finds helpful to support his or her learning within the classroom. We produce an end of term report for each pupil who has 1-2-1 sessions.