The Upper School Curriculum: Our aim at Eaton Square Mayfair is to develop young people who are knowledgeable, caring and successful with bright, enquiring minds. We want our students to have a positive approach to life, to broaden their horizons and to value the chance to think and study independently. We also value and appreciate the importance of achieving excellent academic results. We intend for our first cohort of GCSE pupils to have access to exceptional facilities, resources and teaching that will allow them to thrive and fulfil their academic potential.

We want to ensure that every student continues to enjoy their education but also has a clear sense of purpose as they begin the next stage of their academic life. In seeing GCSE study years as a step towards achieving future goals they will remain motivated and be determined to achieve their best. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that throughout the Upper School years, subjects offer a well-defined programme of study that encourages our students to build upon their skills and look to their future.

The next steps

The Core GCSEs prepare our students for life beyond Eaton Square Mayfair. They develop and secure the fundamental skills essential for future work and study. The range of option subjects allow students to develop their own interests and are the first step in them designing the shape of their own education. The Core GCSEs at Eaton Square Mayfair are English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science (worth two GCSEs).

The wider curriculum

In addition to the Core GCSE programme, pupils are required to take other non-examination subjects as part of the wider curriculum. For this reason, physical education and games are compulsory subjects in which pupils may be given the opportunity to develop individual strengths as well as continuing to receive a good balance of team and individual physical activities. Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) is also a requirement and the Year 10 and 11 curriculum contains age-appropriate modules on important messages that will help to prepare our young people for like beyond school and in a modern society.

Beyond the classroom

At GCSE level more than ever, we expect our pupils to begin to take responsibility not only for their own learning, but also for their own growth and personal development. The school will provide many opportunities for pupils to develop their current interests and skills as well as developing new interests and skills. We will create positions of responsibility and we will seek to use London’s rich cultural heritage to ensure that pupils are exposed to as much of what our city has to offer as possible.