The GCSE subjects we currently offer are:

Additional Maths (including Statistics)
Classical Civilisation
Drama and Theatre Studies
Religious Studies
Triple Science

As we are still a new school, we are still considering offering other GCSE subjects in the future where there are enough pupils who wish to take these subjects:

Business Studies
Graphic Design
Media Studies

We have decided to keep options as broad as possible and ask pupils and parents to express their subject options as a preference. We will then try as far as possible to give everyone their first preference options or as close to them as possible. As a small school with a relatively small first cohort, we are able to offer an almost bespoke set of choices to each pupil and will not need to further constrain the options.

Subjects on the second list will be offered subject to demand, resourcing and availability. Despite offering breadth, when making their option choices, we recommend that pupils make a balanced choice of subjects. We strongly recommend that all pupils take a language and a humanities subject as well as something creative. However, there may become exceptions to this and it is important that pupils ask themselves these questions as they make their choices:

1. What do I enjoy?
2. What am I good at?
3. What do I need to get me to the next stage?
4. What am I interested in knowing more about?

Pupils in Year 9 have talks, experiences and one-on-one discussions to help them to reflect on these questions to help them make informed and sensible choices. As well as the questions above, pupils should also assess their own skills and talents, for example if they speak another language (even one not listed here) they may be able to take a GCSE in this language with relatively little preparation all owing them to take another subject or affording them more time to study their other GCSEs.