We aim

  • To offer academic excellence within excellent facilities,
  • To place an emphasis on the whole child,
  • To develop a purposeful attitude, self-confidence and a respect for others; developing trust, truth and a strong sense of community,
  • To develop a love of learning, which is fostered from within,
  • To offer a well balanced, all round education which will result in the pupils themselves being well balanced, well attuned, and well in mind and body,
  • To ensure that children are happy in themselves, happy in each other’s company, confident in their ability.


How we will achieve our aims

  • Plan and devise our curriculum from first principles, always focusing on the whole child
  • Appoint staff who will be very keen and able to uphold and promote the aims of the school
  • Maintain class and group sizes small enough for tuition in lessons to be highly student focussed, encouraging outstanding individual achievement
  • Give emphasis to pastoral care within the school day, both in terms of contact time and staffing, to deliver a highly personalised education, and a quality of pastoral care rarely seen in day schools
  • Promote a reflective culture among the teaching staff, with a commitment to learning and professional development, so that the highest teaching standards are achieved and maintained
  • Promote a unique home-school partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and excellent communication
  • Use London’s nearby galleries, museums, and other iconic landmarks as an extended classroom for the school, to promoteculture and all-round education
  • Use the hundreds of surrounding acres afforded by the Royal Parks, the Thames, and fully equipped sporting facilities nearby and further afield, to promote physical exercise, health, team spirit, anda sense of belonging in the capital