Art lessons aim to encourage children to develop their own creativity and style in a supportive atmosphere. Topics are chosen to help build the children’s awareness of art and crafts from other times and cultures and teach children to appreciate a wide range of artistic styles and the work of famous artists. We provide opportunities for children to develop their observational drawing skills as well as drawing from their imagination and we allow children to explore a wide variety of techniques and materials for work in two and three dimensions. Art lessons are supplemented by visits to local sources of inspiration such as the Victoria and Albert Museum.

From Form 1 onwards children are taught art by a specialist teacher. The children’s artwork is celebrated through displays around the school  and our after school art club is very well attended. 


Music is a crucial part of our children’s education and from an early age, they are given the opportunity to sing and play a variety of percussion instruments. They are also encouraged to listen to music and express their ideas and feelings through movement and dance.  As they grow older, the children are taught to sing in unison and in two or more parts; they also learn about musical expression and rhythm.

Class music lessons are taught by a specialist teacher and our choir currently has 31 members from Form 1 to Form 6. This year they sang at the Connaught Village Christmas Fair and the senior pupils sang at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.

From Form 1, all children learn to play the recorder.  We offer private singing, piano, flute, violin, guitar and drumming lessons and we hope to form an orchestra in the near future.  Parents are invited to attend regular informal concerts and pupils volunteer to play in our assemblies each week.  Our pupils attend concerts at the Royal College of Music, the Wigmore Hall and the Royal Albert Hall throughout the year. Classical music is played in the classrooms and in assemblies and pupils become familiar with the work of the great musicians. There are numerous opportunities for those who play instruments to perform in front of an audience and they show great confidence when on stage.


From Form 4 onwards Drama is taught as a discreet subject and pupils learn about characterisation, how to move on stage and how to project their voices. At Christmas and the end of the year there are whole school productions where all of our children, from Nursery to Form 6, are able to enjoy being in the limelight for a short time.