Our Physical Education programme plays a major part in ensuring that our pupils are fit and healthy. This in turn makes for happy, well-balanced young people who understand the importance of exercise and who enjoy being part of a team. Children are taught to develop a positive attitude towards sport, learning fair play and how to deal with both success and failure. Our rich and varied curriculum challenges our pupils at every level and if they so choose they can take part in the annual ski trip or even learn stable management and horse riding in the Upper School.

Our pupils are taught by specialist teachers and they are encouraged to take part in team games against other schools and in ISA tournaments. We currently have a Football Team, a Cross Country Running Team and a Netball Team. In the Summer Term our Swimming, Cricket and Athletics teams will be selected. Our Sports Day will take place at the Barn Elms sports facility and will be a chance for all of our pupils to compete against one another.

Ballet is an optional extra for all of our pupils and it takes place during the school day. Children are taught in groups by a teacher from Chelsea Ballet School and the lessons are accompanied by a professional pianist.