Our curriculum is carefully structured to build children’s knowledge and skills as they progress through the school.


Reception year constitutes the second phase of the Early Years Foundation Stage which can be divided into 7 key areas of learning:

Prime Areas

Personal, social and emotional development
Physical development
Communication and language

Specific Areas

Understanding of the world
Expressive art and design
The Early Learning Goals in each of the seven areas are achieved through a mixture of structured and free play activities and are interspersed with more formal methods of teaching where appropriate. When they are ready, the children begin to learn to read and write using Jolly Phonics. We are committed to providing extra support to those who need it but also to challenging our more able pupils.

From Form 1

In the lower half of the school we focus on embedding strong literacy and numeracy skills as we understand they are the bedrock of children’s educational success. At the same time we teach a full and rich curriculum. As children move through the school our curriculum continues to be wide-ranging, exciting and motivating, with ever greater opportunities to follow each pupil’s specific talents and interests.

Our children learn French from Reception and Latin and Mandarin from Form 4 onwards; this builds powerful and flexible language skills that will be extremely valuable in later life.

Regular phonics sessions are delivered in specific phases throughout the school. These are streamed to enable every child to make rapid progress in their understanding of spelling patterns and rules for reading and writing. Furthermore, we encourage a high standard of handwriting through daily practice.

We respond to individual ability in Mathematics by scrutinising our assessment data as well as using teacher assessment in order to create carefully streamed maths groups. At Eaton Square Kensington we understand that developing a rapid recall of the multiplication facts can have a considerable impact on all aspects of maths. We address this (very successfully) right from the start! Form 1 – Form 6 dedicate a small part of the daily maths lesson to timed practice. This progresses in difficulty according to individual ability. The children thoroughly enjoy competing with only themselves and are highly motivated in beating their previous scores.

As our pupils approach senior school, we begin to prepare them for the selective examinations and interviews, starting in Form 4. By Form 6 we are focusing on this preparation, while always making sure that learning remains broad, fun and interesting.

“The curriculum engenders a love of learning and raises pupils’ aspirations. The pupils are prepared well for senior school and go on to the schools of their choice; with some gaining scholarships, for example in music.”

School Inspection Service June, 2017

Our core subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Latin
  • Mandarin
  • Computing
  • Design and Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art and Design
  • PE
  • French
  • Personal, Social, Health and Moral Education
  • Swimming (Summer Term)
  • Religious Studies
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning (Forms 4-6)
  • Life Skills