The Lower School

(Forms 1, 2 and 3)

In the lower half of the school we focus on embedding strong numeracy and literacy skills as they are the bedrock of your child’s educational success. At the same time we teach a full and rich curriculum.

The classrooms are bright, welcoming and well resourced, each with its own interactive whiteboard. Yoga and Mindfulness are practised throughout the whole school as a new addition to the pastoral programme. This helps the children to reflect on their day and to be mindful of their emotions and tune into what is going on around them.

The children are taught most subjects by their form teacher but have specialist teachers for Music, French, Yoga, Art and Swimming (in the summer term).

The Upper School

(Forms 4, 5 and 6)

In the Upper School, we ensure that the children’s education remains wide-ranging, exciting and motivating; we are guided by the entry requirements of London Senior Schools and boarding schools further afield but do not let this restrict the breadth of our curriculum.  Although there is an emphasis on English, Mathematics and Reasoning, the children are also taught a variety of humanities, arts and sporting subjects, giving everyone a chance to excel.

From Form 4, we begin to prepare the children for selective examinations and interviews for Senior Schools. By Form 6, we focus on this preparation, while always making sure that learning remains broad, fun and interesting. Our aim is for every child to gain a place at their chosen Secondary School , and we are proud in their success of achieving this.

Parent consultations and written reports are carried out on a termly basis and parents are encouraged to make an appointment to see the class teacher or the head of school whenever they have a concern about their child. Daily message books ensure that lines of communication are clear and the Parent Suggestion box in the hallway is checked on a regular basis.

We see London as an extension to our classroom and our pupils are often out visiting museums, galleries, concert halls or the various parks that are on our doorstep. Wherever possible, the children travel on local transport and enjoy exploring our great city together on well-supervised, carefully risk-assessed trips. The curriculum is also enriched with a number workshops and visiting speakers. These have included members of the police force, road safety experts, authors, inventors and scientists from Imperial College.