Eaton Square Kensington is an inspiring, calm and creative learning environment. Our children become confident, independent thinkers and compassionate citizens of the world.


  • To create an environment where all are happy, safe and valued
  • To provide an outstanding education where pupils can fulfil their true potential
  • To engender a love of learning and a keen spirit of enquiry
  • To foster courage, kindness, integrity and fine manners
  • To promote health and wellbeing
  • To value and develop emotional intelligence; giving our young people the ability to empathise, communicate and meet challenges positively
  • To support and include parents in their child’s educational journey
  • To ensure that all can be the best that they can be 

“The headteacher and senior leaders have established highly successfully a culture of care and kindness, of high expectations of learning and behaviour, and of valuing each pupil as an individual, for example through celebrating their achievements both at home and at school.”

School Inspection Service June, 2017