After School Clubs Overview

Eaton Square School offers an incredibly wide variety of after school activities, giving our pupils access to sporting, academic, creative and performance based clubs in order to enrich their learning experience as fully as possible.

After school clubs provide a unique chance for children to work together in a relaxed, non-academic setting, sharing a sporting or creative passion with their teacher, and allowing them to build up new and fulfilling friendships with adults and peers alike.

Clubs – Summer Term 2020

 ClubLocation of ClubTime of Collection from the ClubNumber of ChildrenYear Group
MondayEaton Square School Chamber ChoirNo. 79 Hall08:00-08:55
Before School
By invitationYears 5-6
Junior Swimming Morning Swim SquadQMSC06.55-8.00am
(pick up from QMSC)
By invitationYears 2- 4
SquashQMSC4.00-5.00pm Years 4-6
NetballQMSC (Studio 1)4.00-5.00pm
(Pick up from QMCS)
Years 2-6
Street DanceQMSC4.00-5.00pmYears 2-6
Tennis ClubBattersea
Park Millennium Arena
(Pick up from the Millennium arena)
Years 3-6
Ballet RecNo. 79 Hall3:45-4.25pmRec
Ballet Year 1No. 79 Hall4:30-5.10pmYear 1
Spanish ClubNo.55 - 57 classroom4.00-5.00pm
Years 1 and 2
Pencil PalsNo.55 - 57 classroom4.00-5.00pmRec and Y1
Karate ClubNo. 55-57 Hall4:00-5:00pmYears 2-6
Homework ClubNo. 79 ICT Suite4:00-5:00pmYears 3-6
Senior Art ScholarshipNo. 55 - 57 Art Room4:00-5:00pmBy invitationYears 5 - 6
LAMDA Senior Drama ClassNo. 79 Hall4:00-5.30pm
Please note later pick up time
Years 5 and 6
DJ Club / Music TechnologyNo. 79 Classroom4:00-5.00pmYears 5 and 6
Bitbox Club (Coding and Robotics)No. 79 ICT Suite4:00-5.00pmYears 4-6
Chess ClubNo. 79 Dining Rooms4:00-5:00pmYears 2-6
Elite Chess ClubNo. 79 Dining Rooms4:00-5:00pmBy invitationYears 2-6
Junior and Senior - morning swim squadQMSC6.55-8:00 am
Before School
By invitationYears 2-6
General MusicianshipNo. 79 Hall7:45-8:45am
Before School
By invitationInvitation only
Tennis ClubBattersea Park Millennium area4:00-5:00pm
(Pick up from the Millennium area)
Years 3-6
Athletics ClubBattersea Park Millennium Arena4:00-5:00pm
(Pick up from the Millennium area)
Years 3-6
Studio 1
(Pick up from QMSC)
Year 3-6
Indoor HockeyQMSC4:00-5:00pm Minimum 6Years 2-6
Lego and ConstructionNo. 55 - 57 Classroom4:00-5:00pm Rec - Y2
Time TravellersNo. 55 - 57 Classroom4:00-5:00pm Rec and Y1
STEM ClubScience Lab
No. 55 - 57
4:00-5:00pm Years 4-6
Ballet Year 2No. 55-57 Hall3:50-4.35pm
(Pick up at 4.40pm)
Year 2
Ballet Years 5 and 6No. 55-57 Hall4:35-5:20pm
(Pick up at 5:25pm)
Years 5 and 6
Junior Drama ClubNo. 79 Hall4:00-5:00pmYears 2-4
Debating ClubNo. 79 Classroom4:00-5:00pm Years 5-6
Homework ClubNo. 79
ICT Suite
4:00-5:00pm Years 3-6
Ballet Years 3 and 4No. 55-57 Hall8:00-8:45am
Before school
Years 3 and 4
Year 5 Cricket ClubAll Weather Sports Centre Battersea Park3:45-4:30pm
Pick up from Battersea Park
Minimum 8Year 5
Football ClubAll Weather Sports Centre Battersea Park4:00 - 5:00pm
From Battersea Park (Please note pick up location is not school)
Years 3-6
Cricket ClubAll Weather Sports Centre Battersea Park4:00 - 5:00pm
Pick up from Battersea Park
Years 3-6
Junior Art ClubArt Room, No. 55-574:00-5:00pmYears 2-4
Y1 KarateNo.55-57 Hall4:00-4:45pm
Year 1
Book ClubNo. 55-57 classroom4:00-5:00pmRec and Y1
Observational Drawing ClubNo. 79 Classroom4:00-5:00pmYears 5 - 6
Cookery ClubNo. 79 dining room4:00-5:00pmYears 2 - 4
Homework ClubNo. 79
ICT Suite
4:00-5:00pmYears 3 - 6
Junior - Swimming Squad trainingQMSC6:55-8:00am
Before School
By invitationYears 2-4
Rec KarateNo.55-573.30pm-4.00pmRec
Fencing BeginnersQMSC4:00-5:00pm
Pick up from QMSC
Year 2
Street Dance No. 55-57 Hall4:00-5:00pmRec and Y1
Fitness FunNo.79 Hall4:00-5:00pmRec-Year 2
Cookery ClubNo. 79 dining room4:00-5:00pmYears 5 and 6
Newspaper ClubNo.79 classroom1:15-2:25pmBy invitationYears 5 and 6
Homework ClubNo. 79 classroom4:00-5:00pmYears 3 - 6
Senior Swimming Squad TrainingOasis Pool4.00-5.30pm
(Pick up from School)
By invitationInvitation Only

Price for Clubs – Summer Term 2020

ClubsPrice Per Term (£)
* Athletics90.00
*Ballet (all year levels)150.00
Bitsbox (Coding and Robotics)140.00
Book Club90.00
*Fitness Fun140.00
Indoor Hockey90.00
Junior Art90.00
*Junior Drama90.00
*Reception Karate100.00
*+ Year 1 Karate125.00
*+ Year 2-6 Karate145.00
Lego and Construction90.00
*DJ Club / Music Technology135.00
* Observational Drawing90.00
Pencil Pals90.00
Spanish Club90.00
*LAMDA Senior Drama120.00
*Street Dance150.00
Tennis 100.00
Time Travellers90.00

*Clubs led by external teachers

+ Please note in addition to the fee for Karate Club, there is also an affiliation fee of £40 for the year for Years 1-6, which is charged by the Karate Club.

Year 1: There is a grading fee of £20 which is charged once per term by the Karate Club.

Years 2-6: There is a grading fee of £54 which is charged once per term by the Karate Club.