Eaton Square Nursery Schools

Early Registration is necessary to secure a place in the Nursery of your choice. Children are admitted at the three termly start points, in September, January and April according to their age and availability of places.

We would encourage parents to arrange a tour of their chosen Nursery School well in advance.  At the moment, while tours cannot take place due to the Coronavirus, our Registrar can talk to you remotely about the school via Zoom or Skype. To book a call, please email and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Eaton Square School

Registration can take place at any stage prior to the assessment procedures taking place at the age of three years, the year prior to entry.

Entrance to Eaton Square School at the age of four is via a formal assessment. This is carried out by the Head of Pre-Prep in association with the Head of Nurseries. In the case of candidates from external nurseries, children are invited to attend an assessment morning on a Saturday in November, where they complete a range of activities including phonic and numeracy work; colouring, cutting and informal discussion in small groups . The assessment provides the school with information on their developmental level and their social development.

For pupils attempting 8+ entry, papers are based on age appropriate topics from the National Curriculum Key Stage 2. English, Mathematics and Reasoning papers are broken up by group activities. For pupils attempting 11+ entry, the English and Mathematics paper are based on the format of the 11+ Common Entrance papers. There is a practical Science lesson during which the pupils are expected to carry out a short experiment in small groups. Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning papers are set and candidates are asked to read aloud. There is an interview with the Headmaster during which time candidates are invited to talk about themselves. The expectation is that pupils entering the school at this point, would be at an age appropriate National Curriculum level.

Our Registrar is available to speak to you remotely via Skype or Zoom if you would like any further information prior to registering your child with the Prep. School. To book a call, please email and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.