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You may want to buy Oxford Reading Tree books for your child in order to support them with their progress through the Oxford Reading Tree at school. Many Oxford Reading Tree books can be found on www.amazon.co.uk  and www.thebookpeople.co.uk. When searching for books, enter the name of the Oxford series e.g. Project X and the level your child is currently on (following their class teacher’s assessment of their reading). Please only buy books for your child’s current level and only buy books for the next level once your child’s class teacher has assessed your child at this level.

Oxford Reading Tree books can also be ordered by downloading the order form from the Oxford University Press website.  A full catalogue of Oxford Reading Tree books can be downloaded from: https://global.oup.com/education/primary/catalogues/?region=uk. You will find the order forms under ‘Primary Catalogues’ and then ‘Primary Catalogue – English’. The Oxford Reading Tree order form covers Levels 1-11 and the Tree Tops order form covers Levels 8-20.

Suggested Reading List by Age Group


Age 4-5

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly

Pam Adams

Child’s Play (International) Ltd

Forty years after its first publication this much-loved Child’s Play classic is as popular as ever. Ingenious die-cut holes bring this iconic nursery rhyme to life, and Pam Adams’ fabulous illustrations lend humour and vibrancy to the proceedings.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Jill Tomlinson

HarperCollins Children’s Books

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger! This modern classic picture book is perfect for reading aloud, or for small children to read to themselves time and again.

The Gruffalo

Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Puffin Books

A mouse is taking a stroll through the deep, dark wood when along comes a hungry fox, then an owl, and then a snake. The mouse is good enough to eat but smart enough to know this, so he invents . . . the gruffalo!

The Cat in the Hat

Dr Seuss

When the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat, Sally and her brother are in for a roller-coaster ride of havoc and mayhem!

Winnie the Witch

Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul

Winnie lived in her black house with her cat, Wilbur. He was black too. And that is how the trouble began.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

Little Simon

Full of delightful comedy and high drama, this tale of a brave family’s joyous romp through sweeping landscapes is sure to win new fans.

Handa’s Surprise

Eileen Browne

In this picture book classic, a delightful surprise colourfully unfolds when a little girl called Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Jill Tomlinson

Young readers who are scared of the dark will find comfort when they read Jill Tomlinson’s The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark with their favourite grown-ups.

Have You Seen Elephant?

by David Barrow

This hilarious book – about an elephant who wants to play hide and seek – will delight children and adults with its offbeat humour and beautiful illustration.

A Hungry Lion: or a dwindling assortment of animals

by Lucy Ruth Cummins

The author keeps the surprises coming in this hilarious and quirkily illustrated picture book. It proves that, while you can never trust a hungry lion, there’s always a bigger eater waiting in the wings…


by Carson Ellis

Where is your home? Where are you? Carson Ellis explores wild and wonderful, familiar and extraordinary places that people – real and imaginary – might live.

Kitchen Disco

by Clare Foges and Al Murphy

Did you know when you go to sleep all the fruit in the bowl comes to life and has a fun-filled, night long party?

Hector and Hummingbird

by Nicholas John Frith

The story of Hector and Hummingbird is a lovely one for children with – sometimes irritating but always lovable – little brothers and sisters. The 1950s style and colouring of this fantastic picture book is very appealing.


by Emily Gravett

Pete the badger likes to keep everything neat and tidy, but his over-zealous cleaning begins to have a damaging impact on the forest. This entertaining picture book, with its rich illustrations, carries an important environmental message.

Quick Quack Quentin

by Kes Gray and Jim Field

This beautifully illustrated, colourful picture book explores spelling and letter sounds in the context of great characters and a clever quest story.

Pass It On

by Sophy Henn

The little girl in this bright, happy book embraces the simple act of passing on smiles, laughs, chuckles and whoops to others.

Colin and Lee: Carrot and Pea

by Morag Hood

Colin is a carrot, and Lee is a pea. An amusing and deceptively simple look at friendship and difference, this is a lovely book for young readers.


by Yasmeen Ismail

Lila has a fabulous imaginary world: if she’s not wrestling an octopus or soaring over a jungle, she’s racing in a winged chariot. Visiting grandpa might not seem as fascinating, but he’s just as keen to join her fantasy world.

The Cloudspotter

by Tom McLaughlin

Franklin was called ‘The Cloudspotter’ – and he didn’t want to share his clouds with anyone. That’s why he pops the infuriating Scruffy Dog into a hot-air balloon and lets her fly away. A charming story about a lonely little…

A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting

by Michelle Robinson and David Roberts

This amusing guide book contains an array of information about how to spot and behave around bears. The result is a stylish, highly entertaining picture book, perfect for reading aloud.

A Great Big Cuddle

by Michael Rosen and Chris Riddell

Beautifully illustrated poems for young children by two Children’s Laureates

I Have an Orange Juicy Drink

by Andrew Sanders

Porker has an orange juicy drink, but there’s no chance he’s going to get to drink it in peace. This book is wonderfully vibrant – and the story is funny enough to make parents chuckle, as well as kids.

The Bumblebear

by Nadia Shireen

Norman the bear loves honey, so he thinks up an ingenious plan to get his paws on as much as he can eat – by enrolling at Bee School! An endearing tale about friendship and loyalty.

I am Bear

by Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyüz

Meet Bear: the rebel hero of the forest. This charming and anarchic picture book celebrates a mischievious and loveable character.

Can I Eat That?

by Joshua David Stein and Julia Rothman

A quirky combination of fact and fun, this distinctive picture book about food poses questions that inquisitive children typically ask, such as: ‘If I eat jelly and I eat fish, can I eat jellyfish?’ Stylish, witty and informative.

Hoot Owl: master of disguise

by Sean Taylor and Jean Jullien

Hoot Owl wears a selection of ingenious disguises when hunting for food, but his prey always manages to escape. Vibrant illustrations and repetitive text combine to create a comical tale of perseverance. Very silly and the illustrations are great!


by Britta Teckentrup

This bee-autiful and special book takes children on a poetic journey through the bee’s day.

Nibbles: The Book Monster

by Emma Yarlett

This is a story about a little monster called… Nibbles. And with that, he nibbles his way right out of the book! This really exciting reading experience is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Age 6-7

George’s Marvellous Medicine

Roald Dahl

George’s Marvellous Medicine is one of his most popular tales, in which young boy George creates a very special medicine to cure his grandma of her nasty habits.

Just a Bit of Wind

Jeremy Strong

It’s the first day at Pirate School for Ziggy, Smudge, Carkella and Flo and they have lots of new things to contend with.

The Giraffe, Pelly and Me

by Roald Dahl

Phizzwhizzing new cover look and branding for the World’s number one Storyteller! Billy’s biggest wish is to turn a weird old wooden house into a wonderful sweet-shop. But then he finds a giraffe, a pelly and a monkey living inside – they’re the Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company! Who needs ladders when you’ve got a giraffe?

The Hodge-Heg

by Dick King-Smith

Dick King-Smith, best-loved author of Babe the Sheep-pig and countless other enchanting animal stories, has created another heroic animal character who will captivate young readers.

Evil Emperor Penguin: Book 1

by Laura Ellen Anderson

Far away in the icy wastes of Antarctica lives a warm and cuddly, kind-hearted penguin who only wants to do good in the world…NOT! This is no ordinary penguin! This is…EVIL EMPEROR PENGUIN! And he wants to take over the…

Wild Animals of the North

by Dieter Braun

This special book takes us on an animal journey through North America, Europe and Asia. It is ideal for an animal-loving child, young person interested in animal conservation, or anyone who would appreciate the book’s enchanting artwork.

Harper and the Circus of Dreams

by Cerrie Burnell

When a magical girl arrives, bringing with her a storm and The Circus of Dreams, Harper and her friends set off on a journey to find out more about the strange world in the sky. A great read with tonnes…

Wigglesbottom Primary: the magic hamster

by Pamela Butchart

This installment of the greatly loved Wigglesbottom Primary series sees class 2F puzzling over the great mysteries of their school existence – including the makeup of the school mashed potato and what happens when you eat a fly by accident.

I (Don’t) Like Snakes

by Nicola Davies and Luciano Lozano

This is an unusual and amusing tale about a girl who doesn’t share her family’s enthusiasm for snakes. However, as they tell her more about the incredible reptiles, she has a change of heart.

The Jolley Rogers and the Monster’s Gold

by Jonny Duddle

The Jolley-Rogers are just your everyday pirate family, doing everyday pirate family things. This clever series serves up lots of nautical giggles, and will be enjoyed by all children.

Rabbit’s Bad Habits

by Julian Gough and Jim Field

Gentle Bear wakes up early from hibernation one day and decides to build a snowman. Grumpy, know-it-all Rabbit comes along, and then Wolf, too. A beautiful modern classic about friends and sharing.

Dave Pigeon

by Swapna Haddow

Dave Pigeon, the brilliant pigeon mastermind, is determined to find and eat all of your biscuits. The expressive illustrations complete a perfect funny book for younger readers.

The Princess in Black

by Shannon and Dean Hale

A prim and proper princess leads a double life as a superhero ninja

Louie Lets Loose!

by Rachel Hamilton

Louie the unicorn lives a quiet life with his parents in Story Land, until his invite to the New York School of Performing Arts arrives. This book is a fantastically funny tale of friendship and adapting to a new school.

Above and Below

by Patricia Hegarty and Hanako Clulow

This fascinating and stylish picture book explores habitats both above and below the surface. The half-page flaps add another level of interactivity to this wonderful information book that young nature fans will love.

Badly Drawn Beth

by Knife & Packer

A comic/storybook crossover where hilarious heroine, Beth, charts her survival of school, friends (best and worst), the dreaded family barbecue and other natural disasters.

Footpath Flowers

by JonArno Lawson

A little girl spreads joy and colour through the grey townscape, when she picks and presents flowers from the pavements to the people and animals she meets. This wordless picture book is a beauty to behold.

Toby and the Ice Giants

by Joe Lillington

A charming story with lively illustrations to learn more about the last Ice Age.

Read about ‘Toby and the Ice Giants’

Jack Dash and the Magic Feather

by Sophie Plowden

On the day that Jack’s family moves to a new house, he finds a magic feather in the attic that makes whatever he draws real. Surreal humour and a page-turning plot will keep boys and girls hooked.

Pugs of the Frozen North

by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

A race to the far north among some very unconventional competitors and their vehicles. A winning combination of text, image, humour and sadness.

King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor

by Andy Riley

When nine-year-old King Edwin runs out of pocket money, he can no longer buy his subjects Friday chocolate. The peasants revolt and elect a new leader, Evil Emperor Nurbison. This slapstick tale will appeal to those who love something a…

Claude: Going For Gold

by Alex T Smith

It’s The Stonking Great Big Sports Day, and returning hero Claude is itching to take part! Hilarious and beautifully illustrated, Claude: Going For Gold is great fun and will carry you off in a gleeful adventure.

Future Ratboy and the Invasion of the Nom-Noms

by Jim Smith

Future Ratboy (A.K.A Colin Lamppost) has been zapped millions of years into the future by a bolt of lightning. As if that’s not bad enough, horrible little insects are turning everyone into zombies. A brilliantly hilarious superhero comedy adventure.

The Bear and the Piano

by David Litchfield

A bear’s piano playing makes him a huge star, but he misses the friends and family he has left behind. A moving tale of exploration and belonging from an exciting debut author-illustrator.

 The BFG

Roald Dahl

Telling the story of a young girl called Sophie who stays up way past the witching hour and meets a giant who is far friendlier than the others – who like to eat ‘human beans’ for dinner!

Age 8-9

The Iron Man

By Ted Hughes

The story of a creature called the Iron Man who befriends a little boy when he arrives on Earth.

The Sword of Herobrine

by Jim Anotsu

Arthur’s sister Mallu is obsessed with Minecraft. When a mysterious code sucks her into the Overworld, he has no choice but to follow her. This unofficial fan story has all the thrills and spills of an accessible adventure story.

Mega Robo Bros

by Neill Cameron

Brothers always find something to fight about. Alex and Freddy are no different – even though they’re also the most powerful robots in the universe.

The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar

by Tamsin Cooke

Scarlet McCall is schoolgirl by day and a cat burglar by night. Her father has taught her to help him burgle houses and return artefacts to their rightful owners. When her father vanishes she must use all the skills he…

How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury

by Cressida Cowell

This is the final installment in the How to Train Your Dragon series and it packs an emotional punch. It brings together every adventure Hiccup and his friends have had, as well as reintroducing old characters and tying up loose…

Smart About Sharks

by Owen Davey

Presenting an ever-popular topic, this fantastic, high quality illustrated book is fascinating and attractive.

Superhero Street

by Phil Earle

Superhero Street is a heartwarming and laugh-out-loud read that celebrates mums as the everyday superheroes they are. Sara Ogilvie’s illustrations add an even more warm, hilarious background to Earle’s realistic family.

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

by Christopher Edge

A son of two scientists, it’s only natural that Albie uses quantum theory when his mum dies, to find a parallel universe where she’s still alive. Considering the topics covered, it’s a light read that even reluctant readers might be…

The Bubble Boy

by Stewart Foster

Joe has always lived in a sterile room in a hospital. He’s the ‘bubble boy’: documented on TV because of a rare condition, affecting his immune system, that keeps him vacuum-packed from the rest of society.

The Bone Sparrow

by Zana Fraillon

Focusing on a friendship between two young refugees, The Bone Sparrow is one of those rare, special books that will break your heart with its honesty and beauty – but is ultimately hopeful and uplifting.

The Epic Book of Epicness: The world’s most epic facts in pictures

by Adam Frost

In full colour throughout with great, modern design, this book is extremely well written and fun. Every page is full of genuinely fascinating and unusual facts.

The Girl of Ink and Stars

by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

When her closest friend disappears into the island’s Forgotten Territories, Isabella Riosse volunteers to guide the search. A stunning debut, full of myth, magic and mapmaking.

Perijee and Me

by Ross Montgomery

When 11-year-old Caitlin discovers a shrimp-like alien creature on the shores of her island home, she takes responsibility for teaching it about the world. Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and Studio Ghibli films.

An Eagle in the Snow

by Michael Morpurgo

Stuck on a train, a boy listens to a stranger’s story about one moment that could have stopped World War II. A thought-provoking story that young history enthusiasts will especially welcome.

Wings: Flyboy

by Tom Palmer

On the football field and off it, Jatinder always wants to excel, but he always takes the easy option instead of the risky one. Then Jatinder reads a book by a World War 1 pilot – and finds himself transported…


by Sara Pennypacker

Peter’s dad is joining the war, and Peter must leave his pet fox Pax behind. This is a touching story of the bond between a child and his pet, as well as the devastating and often unseen consequences of war.

The Wolf Wilder

by Katherine Rundell

When the murderous hostility of the Russian Army threatens her very existence, Feo is left with no option but to go on the run. What follows is a story of revolution and adventure, about standing up for the things you…

Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure

by Dr Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman

Laid out beautifully, covering a science topic on each double-page spread, with information in bite-size chunks, this book will give you activities and brain teasers to keep you occupied for hours.

The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair

by Lara Williamson

Becket Rumsey decides to investigate the reasons behind the strange actions of some of the adults in his life. With the help of his brother Billy and his pet snail Brian, he uncovers some difficult truths – and some beautiful…

Rent a Bridesmaid

by Jacqueline Wilson

Tilly’s dream is to be a bridesmaid at her mum and dad’s wedding, but until mum comes back, Tilly decides to offer to be a bridesmaid for hire. Jacqueline Wilson weaves a magical, tale of love, loss, diversity and friendship.

The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth

by Katherine Woodfine

In the follow up to The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow, we are reunited with Sophie, Lil and the rest of the gang, and Woodfine introduces some fantastic new characters. Perfect for fans of Chris Riddell, Enid Blyton and Robin…

The Midnight Gang

By David Walliams

Although most children are fast asleep by the time the clock strikes 12, the Midnight Gang’s adventures are just beginning… Tom has been hit on the head by a cricket ball and finds himself at Lord Funt hospital, a place run by terrifying porters and wicked matrons. However, when he meets four other patients in the children’s ward, things get exciting.

The Witches

by Roald Dahl

Real witches disguise themselves as lovely ladies, when secretly they want to squish and squelch all the wretched children they despise.


by Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake

This modern fairy-tale with a brilliantly inspiring young heroine is one of Roald Dahl’s best loved stories.

The Borrowers

by Mary Norton

The Borrowers are tiny people who live in the secret places of old houses – behind the mantlepiece, inside the harpsichord, under the kitchen clock.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

by C S Lewis

When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy – step through a wardrobe door in the strange country house where they are staying, they find themselves in the land of Narnia.

The Story of Tracy Beaker

by Jacqueline Wilson

Tracy lives in a children’s home but constantly hopes that her absent, glamorous Mum will come and take her away.

The Butterfly Lion

by Michael Morpurgo

Bertie rescues an orphaned white lion cub from the African veld. They are inseparable until Bertie is sent to boarding school far away in England and the lion is sold to a circus.

Aesop’s Fables

by Aesop

Aesop’s celebrated collection of fables has always been popular with both adults and children. These simple tales embody truths so powerful that the titles of the individual fables – the fox and the grapes, the dog in the manger, the wolf in sheep’s clothing and many others – have entered the languages and idioms of most European tongues.

The Falcon’s Malteser

by Anthony Horowitz

When a dwarf comes into the office and leaves a package, Tim Diamond, the world’s worst private-detective, is faced with his toughest case yet. The office is ransacked and the package is found to contain simply a box of Maltesers. Who was the dwarf …and why was he murdered shortly after his visit?

The Jungle Book

by Rudyard Kipling

From the moment a little naked cub wanders into the lair of Father Wolf and Mother Wolf to the moment when the master of the jungle returns to his own people, Mowgli’s adventures comprise a fable of human life.

War Horse

by Michael Morpurgo

In War Horse, award-winning children’s author Michael Morpurgo allows readers to understand the horror of the First World War by recounting the experiences of a farm horse who is commandeered to join the front line.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (and the Harry Potter Series)

by J K Rowling

Bloomsbury Children’s Books

After the misery of life with his ghastly aunt and uncle, Harry Potter is delighted to have the chance to embark on an exciting new life at the Hogwart’s School of Wizardry and Witchcraft.

The Firework Maker’s Daughter

by Phillip Pullman

What Lila wants to be more than anything else in the world is …a Firework-Maker! But firework-making is not just about being able to make Crackle-Dragons and Golden Sneezes. There is also one special secret: every Firework-Maker must make a perilous journey to face the terrifying Fire-Fiend!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll

When Alice follows the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole, she finds herself in an enchanted world, filled with creatures like the Mad Hatter, the disappearing Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts. Alice quickly finds out that nothing is as it seems in the wild world of Wonderland…

The Little Prince

by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

An air pilot makes a forced landing deep in the Sahara Desert. There, he makes a mysterious Little Prince, who tells him a series of wise and enchanting stories.

Age 10-11

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

by Joan Aiken

There are wolves outside the walls of Willoughby Chase, but for cousins Bonnie and Sylvia, the real danger lies inside.


by David Almond

Hodder Children’s Books

Exploring a ramshackle garage with his new-found friend, Mina, Michael discovers a strange, magical creature.

Carrie’s War

by Nina Bawden

During World War II, Carrie and her younger brother Nick are evacuated to Wales and billeted with the fierce old Mr Evans and his mousy sister, Louise.

Artemis Fowl

by Eoin Colfer

Twelve-year-old criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl hatches an ingenious plot to steal all the gold in fairy land.


by Frank Cottrell Boyce

One night, a bag containing £229,370 falls from the sky and flattens the hermitage. Damian is convinced it is a gift from God.

Flour Babies

by Anne Fine

As part of a Child Development project, each boy in Class 4C is given a ‘flour baby’, a sack of flour which must be looked after for three weeks, ensuring it does not get lost or dirty.


by Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman brings heart and humour to the difficult subject of the Holocaust in this ground-breaking children’s book.

Journey to the River Sea

by Eva Ibbotson

Orphan Maia is thrilled to learn she is to live with relatives in South America and cannot wait to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Amazon.

Stig of the Dump

by Clive King

Exploring an old chalk pit, Barney meets a strange boy who wears a rabbit skin and speaks in grunts.

Goodnight Mister Tom

by Michelle Magorian

Willie Beech, a lonely and deprived child, is evacuated to a tiny English village just before the Second World War, and finds himself living with reclusive widower Thomas Oakley.

Private Peaceful

by Michael Morpurgo

Set during World War I, Private Peaceful charts eight hours in the life of Tommo, a young soldier at the Front.

A Monster Calls

by Patrick Ness

Connor’s mum has cancer and life is changing. There is the nightmare, then there is school, where people avoid him, or persecute him. And then there is the immense, mythic Monster.


by Terry Pratchett

The first title in the Bromeliad trilogy, this is an enchanting fantasy from favourite author Terry Pratchett.

Swallows and Amazons

by Arthur Ransome

It’s the summer holidays, and the Walker children are excited to set sail on their boat Swallow and camp on Wild Cat Island.


by Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats’ family has a history of bad luck, so he is not entirely surprised when a miscarriage of justice sends him to the Camp Green Lake Juvenile Detention Centre

Ballet Shoes

by Noel Streatfeild

First published in the 1930s, this classic story of three very different girls who work hard to master their talents has captivated children’s imaginations for decades

The Hobbit

by J R R Tolkien

This well-loved fantasy story has delighted readers ever since its first publication in 1937. 

Watership Down

by Richard Adams

Fiver could sense danger. Something terrible was going to happen to the warren he felt sure of it. So did his brother Hazel, for Fiver’s sixth sense was never wrong. They had to leave immediately, and they had to persuade the other rabbits to join them.

Five Children and It

by E.Nesbit

When five siblings discover a sand-fairy in their gravel pit, they are jolly surprised and a little delighted. Even better, the Psammead is able to grant them wishes, although the magic wears off at the day’s end.

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

The most popular pirate story ever written in English, featuring one of literature’s most beloved “bad guys,” Treasure Island has been happily devoured by several generations of boys—and girls—and grownups.

Ruby Redfort Series

By Lauren Child

Ruby Redfort is no ordinary 13 year-old school girl. Blessed with an extraordinary talent for spotting things which others seldom notice, she lands an undercover job as a code-breaker for secret-spy organisation, Spectrum.


By Gary Paulsen

There was a wild crashing sound, a ripping of metal, and the plane blew through the trees, out over the water and down, down to slam into the lake …Brian is a city boy. Not used to living rough. Until his plane crash-lands in the Canadian wilderness. All he has is a hatchet – and a desperate will to survive.

Why the Whales Came

By Michael Morpurgo

Gracie and her friend, Daniel, have always been warned to stay away from the Birdman and his side of the island. But then, they find a message in the sand and discover the Birdman is not who they thought.

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

The classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly man who is visited on Christmas Eve by a series of ghosts looking to show him the error of his heartless ways.

Black Beauty

by Anna Sewell

A horse is a horse of course unless of course the horse is Black Beauty. Animal-loving children have been devoted to Black Beauty throughout this century, and no doubt will continue through the next.

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary discovers a secret garden, surrounded by walls and locked with a missing key. One day, with the help of two unexpected companions, she discovers a way in. Is everything in the garden dead, or can Mary bring it back to life?