At Eaton Square we are strongly committed to offering a stimulating and balanced curriculum, while striving for excellence in all that we do. We aim to inspire achievement beyond the bounds of expectation, without compromise.

In celebrating each girl and boy for their unique qualities, we encourage them to explore and develop their interests, gain confidence in themselves, and seize the rich opportunities life offers.

Our rigorous academic standards, small class sizes and high expectations enable pupils to meet and exceed their potential. Recent inspection reports for the prep school are fulsome in their praise of the exceptional education we offer, right across the academic spectrum.

Pupils thrive on the variety, pace and excitement of learning they encounter every day, and a vibrant academic programme of study, reaching far beyond the limits of the National Curriculum ignites children’s curiosity. It inspires them to be motivated, confident, independent learners who leave us with a love of learning for life.

 “As pupils move through the school they build on their experiences and acquire excellent linguistic skills. They are extremely articulate and expressive in their vocabulary. They readily question, possess a thirst for knowledge and have an infectious interest in the world around them.”

ISI Report 2016