Eaton Square School aims to provide an academic programme which will stimulate and encourage each pupil to reach their full potential in all areas of the curriculum.

The subject information is based on the National Curriculum and the course work for Common Entrance examinations at the age of 11 and 13. Subject Coordinators, Class Teachers and Subject Specialists work together from this core curriculum to build an exciting teaching programme which differentiates to accommodate the learning style and ability of each child.

The information will enable you to map your child’s progress through each Key Stage during their education at Eaton Square and support your child in each area of the curriculum. It also gives an overview of how we assess and evaluate pupil performance.

  • The Foundation Stage includes pupils in Nursery, Transition and Reception.
  • Key Stage One represents pupils in Year One and Two.
  • Key Stage Two spans pupils from Year Three, Four, Five and Six.
  • Key Stage Three includes pupils in Year Seven and Eight.

Computers are a tool, which, when mastered can enhance learning. Computers and interactive whiteboards are used throughout the curriculum to ensure all pupils can competently use, and support their learning and research with the latest Information Technology.

The information provided gives a basic outline and does not detail the many enrichment programmes available to all pupils. Eaton Square School strives to develop a life long love of learning, continually inspiring and encouraging all pupils to reach their full potential.