School Policies

Eaton Square Policies and Guidelines

Eaton Square School Code of Conduct

    • We will always try hard and remember that to get the most out of school, we have to put a lot of effort into our work.
    • We will treat one another with courtesy and politeness and display good manners.
    • We will always greet teachers, visitors and each other politely.
    • We will conduct ourselves sensibly in the classroom, respecting other’s desire to learn and settling quickly to the task at hand.
    • We will behave sensibly with consideration for others.
    • We will listen to and accept that people may have opinions that differ from our own
    • We will wear our school uniform proudly and correctly.
    • We will not interfere with each other’s property and we will respect school property returning it to its rightful place.
    • We will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind.
    • We will be kind to others and we will make all children feel welcome.
    • We will be honest about everything that we have done or are supposed to have done and we will give each other a fair hearing.
    • We will walk quietly and sensibly around the School at all times.
    • We will have a regard for road safety and will never talk or run when crossing the road.
    • We will act in a way that brings credit to the school when we are on trips and outings.