Physical Education

“Exercise activates the brain and gives you energy for everything else, the energy to be enthusiastic about your work. So, all your school work will gain from Physical Education.” Darcey Bussell, The Royal Ballet.

Physical Education is the aspect of the curriculum concerned with the development of physical skills, knowledge and understanding in games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, outdoor and adventure activities and swimming. The emphasis is on allowing all children to achieve enjoyment, satisfaction and success at their own level and to develop:

  • Control, co-ordination and mobility
  • Skill and confidence in a range of physical activities
  • An awareness of the physical capabilities of the body
  • Co-operative skill

P.E. at Eaton Square School ensures that all children are active and centres on children finding enjoyment in physical activity, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and good posture. Children are taught to develop a positive attitude in sport, where they learn fair play and sporting behaviour, and to learn to cope with both success and failure. The children are taught the need for safe practice in physical activities and how physical exercise affects the body. Above all, the children are encouraged to realise the importance of P.E. and to enjoy sport to such an extent that they wish to continue participation in physical activity long after they leave the school.

At Eaton Square School, every child has at least two hours of P.E. a week. Pupils use the Halls at No. 28/30 and No. 79 and outside facilities include Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, Kennington?, Battersea Park, and Queen Mother Sports Centre. Each class has two P.E. lessons, one of which is in the Swimming Pool and one in the Hall, and one Games Afternoon every week throughout the year. In Year Three the residential trip to Hindleap Warren provides an opportunity for further outdoor activity. Both Year Four and Five children have the opportunity to go skiing for a week during the Spring Term. Year Six attend two six week sailing courses at Surrey Docks and Water Sports Centre. Year Eight Students visit an Outward Bound Centre every year where they participate in a variety of challenging outdoor adventurous pursuits.

There is a busy after school clubs programme where children have the opportunity to join one after School sports activity a week in the Pre-Prep and two in the Prep School, and the Saturday Morning Sports Club [Netball and Football and Cricket]. There are further opportunities in sport to represent the School Teams at Football, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rounders, Swimming, Rugby, Gymnastics and Fencing and to join squad training after School. Last year there were 267 inter-school matches. Children are selected based upon skill, attitude and commitment to represent Eaton Square School. Fencing and Karate are also offered to the children.

Each child will also compete as a member of an Intramural House: Belgrave, Chester, Eaton or Lowndes in a Swimming Gala and a Sports Day. There are sixteen House competitions throughout the year: There is one whole day School Sports Day for all years and also a Nursery Schools Sports Day. These are held once a year in the Summer Term. Every child in the school swims in one of the two galas – Years 2-8 [Upper School Gala] and Years R/1 [Lower School Gala].Our policy at Eaton Square School is that every child is given the opportunity to experience the full range of sports that are offered.