Nursery Schools

Eaton Square School provides a seamless co-educational learning experience from the Early Years in our three central London Nursery Schools, through to the Preparatory School in Belgravia and now onto the Upper school on Piccadilly.

Each Nursery School has a different premises and an individual personality. They house the youngest members of the Eaton Square School family and share a uniform set of values.

Our varied and exciting Nursery School programme provides an excellent foundation for learning and ensures that when the children enter the Pre Preparatory School, they are independent, well grounded, confident and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Eaton Square Nursery Schools have both morning and afternoon sessions, as well as all day options available. We welcome children from the age of two into all our nursery schools.

A love of learning is instilled from the very first day and the children are thoroughly prepared both educationally and socially for every challenge that they may encounter in life. Within the context of carefully planned sessions of play based learning, the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum allows the children to enjoy learning, make independent choices, develop their individual talents and to make friends and form relationships with those around them.

The Early Years Foundation Stage offers a wide range of opportunities for learning. Preparation for the children’s future education is thorough and our timetable offers a balance of structured play and small group activities. The children are assigned a Key teacher who is responsible for planning and teaching the children individually. Each child has a Learning Journey which starts when they enter the Nursery School and follows their progress all the way through to the end of the Reception year.

Our Nursery Schools are brimming with wonderful, interactive displays of the children’s work which is a testament to the creativity of the children. Regular park trips provide the children with a chance to run in the fresh air and develop physically. There is an opportunity to swim, enjoy ballet lessons and take part in our karate programme, which are offered in each of our Nursery Schools.

“Children in the EYFS thoroughly enjoy their learning and are gently challenged and motivated to always do their best. Children make rapid progress in their learning and development.” – ISI Report 2016